CoP Discussion Group Instructions and Guidelines

CoP Discussion Group Instructions and Guidelines

Our CoP discussion group allows PRO Partners to be able to discuss any relevant topic among your peers and technical advisers easily just using your email. You do not need to log in to any forums or other programs.

  • SIGN UP: Your Partner Manager will sign you up. We will ask for your name and the email address you want to send and receive discussion messages.
  • If you need additional technicians/staff from your company to be added to the group, please notify your Partner Manager. 
  • Once you are registered, you will begin to receive messages, and will be able to submit your replies or start a new thread. 

A few important things to note regarding your CoP discussion group:

  1. You must send messages from your registered email account or the messages you send will disappear into cyberspace. Especially at first, as soon as you send a message, check your email inbox to make sure it appears. 
  2. Address your questions/messages to the group at:
  3. At times, Partners have asked to remain anonymous when presenting questions. If you ever need to do this contact your Partner Manager and he will post the question on your behalf.
  4. Don’t ever hit REPLY to a message unless you want it to go to the entire group. If you want to send a reply directly to someone that posted a message, make sure to send it to them at their email address.
  5. You can always search the archives for previous threads. Click on the link above to access the discussion Group Members Page or at the bottom of every message you will see this: 

    Visit list archives, subscribe, unsubscribe or change your subscription 

    Start a new conversation (thread):
  6. There is an option to get the DIGEST version of the messages. With Digest version, rather than getting all messages as they come in, you would get one long message at some point in the day that shows all threads for the entire day. To get Digest version you can contact your Partner Manager. 


  1.  Always stay on topic in each thread. If you want to start a new question and answer thread, either click on Start a New Conversation or send a new message to:
  2. Please don’t forward questions and answers to people outside our network.
  3. And finally – PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION IN THE GROUP VERY PROFESSIONAL. Please don’t use the discussion group as a selling forum. However, it is very appropriate to recommend a product as a solution to the issue being discussed. Don’t get personal and by all means, never, ever attack someone personally or criticize their contribution to a topic.

Not everyone will always agree on how things should be done, or which product or techniques will work best. Consider it a privilege to be among some of the most professional stone and tile professionals out there and appreciate the extensive collective expertise at your fingertips. 

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