Case Study Instructions

Case Study Instructions

Creating Your Own Case Study?

Case studies are a great way to authentically add fresh, relevant, keyword-rich content to your website. Each case study is an independent, indexed web page that can be posted to social media. Not only will case studies increase the likelihood that prospects will find your site, but they are also an extremely effective way to convert prospects into paying customers. If you have someone on your office staff with photo editing, writing, and website skills, we offer our Partners up to two hours of technical support (included in regular Partner fees) to help them get started with adding case studies to their sites. After two hours, technical support is billable. Most of our Partners have found that it is more convenient and, ultimately, more economical to have us do case studies for them, but if you would like to do them on your own, this instructional video and checklist will be very helpful. 

Case Study Checklist

  1. Save images for web according to portfolio specs. Ask us for your portfolio specs if you do not know them.
  2. Upload images to case study draft. Alternatively, upload images to Media Library and then attach each image to your case study draft. Some sites require an additional step for uploading images. Ask us for assistance if you do not see the images you uploaded on the front end of your case study.
  3. Edit image title.
  4. Add alt tags (Alternative Text) to images.
  5. Add image captions.
  6. Write content and excerpt.
  7. Check formatting. Add keywords, links, h6/h5 call to action, etc.
  8. Add meta title and description (SEO).
  9. Set category. Add tags, if needed.
  10. Set featured image.
  11. Proof read and publish.
  12. Save original images on your computer, cloud storage, or an external hard drive.
  13. Post your case study URL to social media to drive traffic to your site.

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